Adult Group and Individual Counseling

When your relationship is on the rocks, couples counseling can feel like the last shot.

Maybe this is the first time you’re approaching couples counseling, and you’re not sure what to expect. Or maybe you’ve already been to a couples therapist and nothing changed.

Troubled relationships ripple out to affect every aspect of life. You probably know what that’s like. You start complaining about how he isn’t listening to you and then he complains that you are critical. You feed off of each other’s reactions and everything escalates. Your heart pounds, your palms get sweaty, and you lash out, or slink away to be alone. You both feel lonely and disconnected. You wonder how you got to this place and if you will ever again feel connected to the one person you desperately want to feel close to. This distance keeps growing. You probably are both working more and having sex less. You’re both feeling hopeless and desperate.


It doesn’t have to be like this

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Finding the right couples therapist is essential.

I’m Emily Weis, LPC. Your couples counselor.

I’ve gone to specialized Gottman Method training to help couples like you find their way back to each other and to a stronger, more connected relationship.


In my training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, I learned:


The science backs this up. If you Google “Dr. John Gottman” you’ll discover that he has been cited in hundreds of articles and has written 30+ books about relationships. But unlike other therapists, Gottman started out studying math and collected tons of data on human interaction. He later met and married Dr. Julie Swartz Gottman - a trained psychologist. Together they were able to take his data and apply it to her world of psychology to create a concrete researched-based modality to use in couples counseling - the Gottman Method.

Effective couples therapy will help you with your communication, but it is more than that. Using the evidenced-based Gottman Method I’ll help you learn about the neuroscience of attachment. I’ll help to teach you how your own body plays a role in how you connect to your partner.

When you're ready, call me or schedule an intake, and I can start helping you get on the path towards a stronger more connected partnership.


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Emily can help you get started. 


At Fleurish we embrace evidence-based couples treatment for all types of concerns:

  • To improve communication

  • To recover from infidelity

  • To reduce conflict and gridlock

  • To increase connectedness and feel less like roommates

  • To increase passion and intimacy

  • And more…


But what will this cost?

Therapy is definitely an investment of your time, energy, and resources, but your primary relationship is worth it. I work with you face-to-face in our sessions, but I also bring my extensive training and continuing education to the table outside of session. I use special assessments and “homework” to gather a lot of information from you outside of session. You will each fill these out, and I will work with the data to drive the treatment plan for our work inside the sessions.

This way you will save time in scheduled, face-to-face counseling. This also gives you the opportunity to tell me things in writing, and not in front of your partner.

The cost per 90 minute session with Emily is $100.

can i use my insurance?

Unfortunately insurance is set up to pay for the treatment of diagnosable mental health conditions, not troubled relationships. And if insurance does agree to pay, it’s only for a shortened, 45-minute session, and they only reimburse you at a fraction of the the actual costs. In order to give you the best care according to Gottman’s research, I don’t accept insurance for couples counseling.

What are the sessions like?

1st Session: The Intake Interview (90 minutes). We’ll talk about the history of your relationship, areas of concern, and what you both would like to focus on while in therapy.  You’ll receive a homework assignment in which each of you will complete a relationship assessment (online).

2nd Session: Individual interviews (45 minutes each). I will meet with you both individually either on the same day or within the same week. We will talk about your personal and family history.

3rd Session: Treatment Planning (90 minutes). I will combine the information from both of your interviews and the online assessment and formulate a treatment plan based on Gottman’s research-based methods. This session is a bit more science and data driven, but it’s quite fun and will provide a roadmap for the rest of our time together.

In subsequent sessions we’ll keep doing the work of building skills to help you strengthen and deepen your relationship.

What are your credentials?

I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the state of Georgia.

Where can I learn more about Gottman couples therapy?

To read a bit of information about Gottman Method Couples Therapy, click here.

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